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Residential Reference Application

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Please complete this form and submit to Tetris UK Lettings & Sales. Asterisks (*) indicate a field is mandatory.

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If you have occupied any previous addresses other than your current address in the last 10 years, please enter the most recent one below. Please provide any further addresses, going back up to 6 years, on the Additional Information section at the end of the form.

Landlord / Agency Details For Your Current Address

Please note that we cannot accept landlord references from relatives or friends. All contact details must be your landlord or letting agents' business, not personal, details.

Source of Income



I confirm that the information provided in this application form is true, accurate and complete. I understand that the information that I have submitted will be used in order to assess my suitability to be granted a tenancy agreement, or to be named on the tenancy agreement as a Guarantor, or to verify my identity to prevent and detect crime and money laundering, and acknowledge that the information that I have provided will be shared with third parties for this purpose. I understand and agree that current or former employers, landlords and letting agents may be asked to provide additional information about me or to verify information that I have provided, calls for which are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. I further acknowledge that the information that I have provided will be submitted to credit reference agencies in order that a credit check can be conducted. I understand that Rent4sure Ltd is not entitled to disclose a copy of my credit report to me but that I may obtain a copy of the report by applying to the relevant credit reference agency directly. I understand that I may be refused a tenancy, or may be found unsuitable to act as a Guarantor, as a result of the searches and references obtained by Rent4sure Ltd. I acknowledge that the referencing services provided are provided to the letting agent or landlord (as the case may be), and agree that I shall not seek to hold Rent4sure Ltd liable for such refusal nor shall I seek to bring any claim against Rent4sure Ltd for any loss or damage suffered by me as a result of such refusal.

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